National NGV Fleet Summit


Welcome to the Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Fleet Forum, a member-based and directed organization dedicated to advancing the use of domestic, clean and low-cost natural gas within the transportation sector. The NGV Fleet Forum provides a venue for fleet operators from across the nation to share technical expertise and experiences, collaborate in a peer-to-peer environment, and support other members in the successful deployment of natural gas vehicles throughout North America.

Participation in the Forum provides the opportunity to gain greater understanding of NGV fleet operations via the sharing of perspective and experience of industry peers.

Your membership in the NGV Fleet Forum will:

  • Provide direct access to experienced industry veterans who have successfully deployed NGVs in various applications and across a variety of weight classes.
  • Provide educational and informational tools that will allow you to manage your company’s investments in natural gas technologies, vehicles, and infrastructure in the most proactive manner possible.  These resources will allow you to knowledgeably address questions concerning natural gas pricing, supply, technologies, and legislation and lead your company’s efforts in this arena.
  • Provide an organized forum for discussion and information exchange concerning the accelerated use and penetration of natural gas vehicle fuel, NGV technologies and infrastructure in the North American transportation system.

With a number of important legislative proposals at the federal and state levels that will accelerate the adoption of natural gas vehicles in the nation’s fleets, the NGV Fleet Forum actively participates in advocacy efforts to encourage adoption of these important funding, policy, and incentive programs.