National NGV Fleet Summit


Robert HallIt gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Fleet Forum. Having spent 34 years of my professional career leading the development of large alternative fuel projects for UPS, I understand the tremendous value of peer-to-peer networking, particularly in the rapidly developing world of alternative fuels and advanced technologies.  Whether you currently have natural gas vehicles in your operation, or will soon start making investments in NGVs, membership in the NGV Fleet Forum will provide you and your company with tremendous value.

My experience taught me that successful, natural gas fleet operations can offer significant advantages to a company's bottom line.  Through the NGV Fleet Forum we hope to share experiences and technical information among peers to facilitate greater success and greater deployments of NGVs in our nation’s fleet operations.  The success of our mission will strengthen our economy, result in environmental improvement, and increase our nation’s domestic energy security.

Mr. Robert Hall, Executive Director, NGV Fleet Forum

Robert Hall spent 34 years working for UPS in operations, finance, industrial engineering, and automotive engineering.  He retired from UPS in 2010 as the Director of Maintenance and Engineering – Ground Fleet.  In this position, Robert managed UPS’ fleet sustainability issues, and since 1986, he led efforts in alternative fuel projects and technology development for the domestic fleet and recently for the international fleet.  These projects included CNG, LNG, propane, electric technology, hydrogen fuel cells, and hybrid vehicle development including both hybrid electric and hydraulic hybrid technologies. Robert holds a B.S. in Industrial Management/Engineering from James Madison University, an M.B.A. in Finance from Mercer University and is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers.