National NGV Fleet Summit


2/1712 - Central Freight Lines to Test Pete CNG Tractors

2/16/12 - Leading CNG Vehicle Companies Partner to Bring First EPA-Certified Diesel-to-CNG Conversion Package for Mercedes 906 Engine

2/13/12 - Green Energy Oilfield Services Taking Delivery of 60 Peterbilt 388 LNGs

2/7/12 - Construction Begins on Revolutionary Public-Private Natural Gas Fueling Station

2/2/12 - Green Energy Oilfield Services Makes Its Move on LNG

2/1/12 - Navistar-Led Partnership Plans Natural Gas Initiative

2/1/12 - Fuel From Market Waste

1/31/12 - Trillium HD Is Building the First Public Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fueling Station in the Greater Green Bay Area

1/30/12 - AT&T Orders 1,200 CNG-Powered Chevrolet Express Vans

1/27/12 - California Air Resources Board Approves Advanced Clean Car Rules

1/26/12 - Can Economy Bear What Oil Prices Have In Store?

1/26/12 - Why Las Vegas is Crucial in Obama's Natural-Gas Crusade

1/25/12 - AT&T’s 5000th Alt-Fuel Vehicle – CNG Powered

1/19/12 - Linde Deepens LNG Commitment with Purchase of New Truck Fleet

1/18/12 - Chesapeake Energy to Invest $1 Billion in Natural Gas Cars

1/17/12 - Chrysler to Begin Natural-Gas Truck Sales to Fleets in 2012

1/11/12 - Which Are Better: Electric Cars or Natural Gas Vehicles?

1/10/12 - Ryder Signs Source Interlink to Flex-to-Green Lease for Natural Gas Trucks

1/8/12 - Norman Goes Green With CNG Fueling Station

1/6/12 - Governor McDonnell to Support Fleet Conversion to Alternative Fuel Vehicles in Virginia

1/6/2012 - Clean Energy Increases Fueling Station Infrastructure Significantly in 2011

12/19/2011 - Kenworth Annual Show Facilitates Natural Gas Vehicle Selection by Fleet Operators

12/13/2011 - BAF Secures CARB Certification for 2012 Ford Transit Connect

12/6/11 - Shale Gas Supports More Than 600,000 American Jobs Today; by 2015, Shale Gas Predicted to Support Nearly 870,000 Jobs and Contribute $118.2 Billion to GDP, IHS Study Finds

12/1/2011 - L.A. Rolls Out Clean Bus Fleet

11/22/2011 - 'Natural Gas Highway' Prepares to Remove Diesel Fumes from 18-Wheelers in the Southwest

11/21/2011 - Nobina Makes Large Investment in New Biogas Buses

11/21/2011 - SoCalGas to Add 1,000 New Natural Gas-Powered Trucks to Customer Service Fleet

11/18/2011 - Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority Awarded $2.3 Million Federal Grant for CNG Fueling Station

11/17/2011 - Honda Civic Natural Gas Named 2012 Green Car of the Year

11/1/2011 - Member News - Heckmann Water Resources Makes Major Commitment to LNG-Fueled Trucks in the Oilfield

10/28/2011 - Member News - Saddle Creek Corp. Invests in Natural Gas Trucks

10/28/2011 - Member News - Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Receives $25 million Grant from the Federal Transit Administration to Purchase 60 New Compressed Natural Gas-Powered Buses

10/26/2011 - Love's Travel Stops to Open 10 New CNG Fueling Stations with Chesapeake Energy across Oklahoma

10/26/2011 - Fuel Systems' IMPCO Automotive to Supply General Motors' Commercial CNG Bi-Fuel Pickup

10/25/2011 - DEP Awards Nearly $4.4 Million in Alternative Fuels Grants

10/25/2011 - Waste Pro Invests $100 million in CNG Fleet

10/20/2011 - Member News - Beverage Container Recycler, UBCR, Converts Entire Fleet to Natural Gas Vehicles with Ryder

10/17/2011 - Go Natural CNG Announces Grand Opening of Additional Facility in Tulsa

10/11/2011 - Member News - C.R. England Unveiled LNG Tractor/Trailer Fleet at Ribbon Cutting Celebration

10/7/2011 - Member News - Public-Private Partnership Helps Put Natural Gas Trucks into Southern California Fleets

10/3/2011 - It's a Gas ...Natural Gas Vans, That Is: Verizon Adds 13 Compressed Natural Gas Vans to Its Florida Fleet

10/3/2011 - Member News - Clean Energy Contracts with Florida-Based Saddle Creek Transportation, Inc. To Build, Operate & Maintain Major CNG Truck Fueling Station

10/3/2011 - GM to Add NG Bi-Fuel Pickup

10/3/2011 - Ford F-250, 350 Add Natural Gas Power

9/29/2011 - SoCalGas, AQMD Launch No-Cost Natural Gas Vehicle Training for Technicians

9/28/2011 - Westport LD Announces New Natural Gas System for Ford Super Duty Pickups; Westport WiNG™ Power System for F-Series Trucks Will be Sold, Serviced by Authorized Ford Dealers

9/26/2011 - Hertz On Demand Brings CNG Vehicles to OSU

9/26/2011 - Kasich Urges Four-State Natural-Gas Fleet That May Expand Honda, GM Market

9/23/2011 - Former Bush Economist Says NAT GAS Act Needed

9/21/2011 - Kansas City Police Going Green with CNG

9/21/2011 - Member News - Ryder Announces New 'Flex-to-Green' Lease Offering

9/16/2011 - Member News - Golden Eagle Distributors, Inc. Receives First Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle from Ryder

8/26/2011 - Natural Gas Gaining Traction as Tank Truck Fleet Fuel

8/25/2011 - Kenworth Loves Natural Gas

8/25/2011 - Member News - Compressed Natural Gas Station Opens in Santa Ana

8/25/2011 - AT&T Deploys 4,000th Alternative-Fuel Vehicle and 3,000th Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle in Its Corporate Fleet

8/25/2011 - CNG Fueling Station Opened to Refuse Vehicles and Public in California

8/25/2011 - Member News - City of Sacramento Buys 53 LNG Refuse Trucks

8/9/2011 - Arkansas Launches Rebate Program for CNG Fleet Conversions

8/8/2011 - Member News - Pacer Adds LNG Trucks to Southern California Fleet

8/4/2011 - Member News - Ryder Helps Fresh & Easy Add Natural Gas Trucks to Fleet

7/27/2011 - Member News - Coke U.S. Plans for NGVs

7/6/2011 - Dean Foods Alta Dena Dairy Expands SoCal Natural Gas Truck Fleet

7/1/2011 - Oil Supply Vulnerability Highlights Need to Step Up Natural Gas Vehicles Programs

6/1/2011 - Encana Opens CNG Service Station in Fort Lupton

5/25/2011 - CNG Fueling Station for Waste Management’s Refuse Trucks

5/24/2011 - Ad Campaign Urges Congress to Jump Start Switch to Natural Gas Vehicles

5/24/2011 - T. Boone Pickens Responds to President Obama’s Federal Fleet Memorandum

5/24/2011 - Obama Moves Federal Fleet to Alternative Fuels, EVs

5/23/2011 - Can Natural Gas Ignite Your Portfolio?

5/21/2011 - Freightliners Move to Natural Gas Technology

5/19/2011 - NGV Highlights from ACT Expo 2011

5/18/2011 - Member News - Paper Transport Inc. Testing Compressed Natural Gas/Diesel Dual Fuel System

5/15/2011 - Are Natural Gas Vehicles Right for Your Fleet?

5/5/2011 - National NGV Fleet Forum Forms to Advance the Use of Natural Gas in Transportation

11/24/2010 - Canadian Natural Gas Exports Face ‘Complete Displacement’


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